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jQuery Filters with Simple Examples

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Some Facts about jQuery Filters Normally, we use filters with selectors to find the required set of elements in the DOM. Filters start with colon (:) We can also pass parameters to some of the filters, for example, tr:nth-child(even) Filters… Continue Reading →

Factory Method – Design Pattern In C#

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There are three categories of design patterns, Creational  Object creation mechanisms Rather than instantiating objects directly, it provides a way to instantiate objects while hiding the instantiation logic. Structural Classes and objects composition Provides simple ways to realize relationships between entities… Continue Reading →

Revisiting jQuery Selectors

The jQuery ($) Function The jQuery function takes up to two parameters, for example, $(“p”) selects all the <p> tags in the page $(“p”, “div”) selects all the <p> tags contained in a <div>. Like almost all functions in the jQuery library, it allows… Continue Reading →

Writing Modular JavaScript Code

In order to better understanding writing Modular JavaScript application, let’s first create an application without Modular code. And then we can refactor the code to write Modular JavaScript code, so here are the steps, Creating Web API project and Products Service Writing… Continue Reading →

Dependency Injection Containers in Android – Xamarin

This post is quite interesting as we’re going to work on, Using Xamarin compatible Dependency Injection (IoC) Containers to manage all of the dependencies Using Portable Class Library to reuse our code in each Android application Building a custom list adapter to… Continue Reading →

Android SDK Directory could not be found…Issue Solved

Problem/Issue We get the following error while building the Android solution in the Visual Studio, “Visual Studio : The Android SDK Directory could not be found. Please set via /p:AndroidSdkDirectory” This issue is most likely due to one or both… Continue Reading →

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